Time KYC for retail
Biometrics for retail
• Big data analysis about movements and preferences of visitors.

• Effective instruments that help to convert an occasional customer into a regular one.

  • 1

    • Visitors' flow estimation: sex, age group, number, path patterns inside the shopping area, pass speed, heatmap estimation etc.

    • Analysis of the information from the cash desk: matching customer's path pattern and data to the purchases

    • Conversion estimation after advertisement and marketing events.

    • Advice on merchandising and product types based on the collected data.
  • 2
    • Analysis of queue in cash desk zone and in the zones where customers are served by a shop assistant. The system can predict a queue and give recommendations to the staff.

    • Tips for staff members regarding special offers for the served customer. It works especially for alcohol section or fish/meat sections.

    • Special offers on video panels in the "hot zones".
  • 3
    Employee time tracking and management

    Staff path patterns analysis that helps to optimize the work process and to increase service quality.
  • 4
    • Suspicious behaviour analysis (a person is hanging around for a long time and buys few things or leaves without buying anything).

    • Blacklist analysis (detecting people who had been caught before in this exact shop or in a shop of the same retail chain)

    • Access to the restricted and staff areas. The access is provided by using face recognition technology as the primary or secondary authentication factor. Capability of integration with existing electronic door locks or access control systems.

    • Counting and tracking visitors (entrance and exit) and integration with fire systems.