About Us
AstraTime LLC was founded in 2019; the head office is located in Moscow. The company specializes in software development, consulting, and tech support.
The team consists of more than 20 employees spanning Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow Region, Astrakhan, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Primorsk); our staff includes software developers, testers, and analysts.

Our employees work mainly remotely. We invite specialists with different competencies for project tasks. That, in turn, allows us to create new projects, develop new directions, and serve more clients regardless of their location.
We’re constantly striving to keep high morale and esprit de corps inside the team. Several times a year, we organize corporate get-aways and attend joint events to unite our team members, bring them closer and strengthen the bonds within the team. We help create an ideal working environment by providing all the equipment and financial resources needed.
CEO and founder of AstraTime
Alexandra Vysotina
in the IT field for 20 years

ISTU with honors.
Faculty of Cybernetics, Automated Information Processing and Control Systems, 2010

→ 2012: Deputy Director-General for Project Management, LLC Baikal-System Group, Irkutsk
→ 2016: System Analyst at SG Group LLC, Moscow
→ 2019: Head of Design and Engineering Department at VisionLabs
2019 → Present: CEO and founder of AstraTime LLC

Having set off as a software tester and implementer, Alexandra worked as an analyst, manager, and head of technical support. She has built teams and organized their work process from scratch.

Nowadays, Alexandra doesn't only play the role of a manager but also constantly improves herself in the field; she believes that in order to manage qualified specialists, you need to maintain a high quality bar yourself.