Time KYC for hotels
Трудовая дисциплина
Самостоятельная регистрация
Разбор инцидентов и профилактика нарушений
Сервис для VIP
Biometrics for hotels
Clients will appreciate individual approach and employees will work more effectively.
  • 1
    Incident investigation and violations prevention
    For example: lost things search. The system identifies people that were close to the lost thing. Using the collected data, the system analyzes cases when a person from the blacklist was ignored by security guards. This reduces a possibility of collaboration between security staff and persons from the blacklist. Retrospective search of wanted persons reduces costs on video archive analysis: the system analyzes time and date of visit and itineraries.
  • 2
    Employee discipline
    Recording the time when employee enters and exits the working area. The system collects the data about the time that employee passes at working place.
  • 3
    Self check-in
    At check-in the guest scans the passport and makes a photo. Using the passport scan, the system automatically fills in registration card and compares passport photo with the photo taken by the guest in order to confirm the identity. The face images of the guests can be used to to automatically identify them while coming for breakfast or for entering to their rooms (appropriate equipment required).
  • 4
    Access control management
    Key functions: protection of guests and staff from undesirable persons and fake smartcards.
    Access becomes more comfortable: no need to have and look for the smartcard every time.
  • 5

    If a person from the blacklist has passed, security officer will instantly receive an alert on the PC and smartphone. The system locates all employees and sends a notification only to those staff members that are close to the undesirable person. Tasks distribution helps to maintain control even if few persons that must be controlled enter the area at the same time.
    Staff area control, flexible access and notification system.
    Onsite people's movements statistics
  • 6
    VIP service
    The system sends notifications about VIP visitors. Providing high-quality services to VIP guests increases their loyalty. Individual approach enhances clients' retention rate and allows to be more competitive.