Time KYC
TIME KYC Service
Time KYC:
Know Your Customer
TIME KYC Service is designed for automation of access control process and face tracking, to increase security by using face identification, to prevent security violations and to create a common information space for video content analysis
  • Turnkey solution
    Complex solution with detailed user interface, mobile app, API for integration with existing systems and 1C integration module.
  • World's best algorythms
    Accuracy is acknowledged by independent international tests carried out among vendors all over the world

    TPR al FPR 10^-3 = 0.9915
    TPR al FPR 10^-5 = 0.9909
  • High speed
    Recognition process takes up to 2 seconds from receiving a shot from the camera to sending a notification to the user interface.
    Biometric template (descriptor) matching speed: 5 million matches/sec per CPU core
  • Fully protected data
    Reverse transformation of biometric template to image is not possible.
    Photo images and personal data are not stored.
  • Flexible configuration
    Each service inside the platform works independently. The platform can be deployed on one or more servers with the capability of horizontal scaling.
  • Autonomous processing
    Video data can be processed autonomously without transmitting big amounts of data through the Internet. The platform can be also installed on virtual machines in the company's cloud infrastructure.

We offer development cycle services: from business intelligence to development and support of the project post-launch.
and transparency
What do you get with
Time KYC PLATFORM deployment in your company.
  • Security
    Guaranteed security level enhancement by incident response time reduction, increase of employee discipline.
  • Access restriction
    Prevention of access violations by unauthorized persons.
  • Security cost reduction
    Videoarchive analysis cost reduced via automation of the process.
  • Employee tracking
    People in the facility can be located at any time, information about movement tracks is constantly recorded.
  • Anti-terrorism security
    Reduced terrorism threat, risk of facility access violation with fake identity and smartcards by using additional face identification.
Identification, geolocation and data collection
What capabilities offers the platform
  • Real-time video
    Real-time processing of current video data and retrospective analysis of video files.

  • Employees tracking
    The system locates people onsite after analyzing the information from the cameras using facial recognition technology in real time.
  • General visualization
    Visualization of the facility territory with the number of persons in every controlled zone.
  • Employee's track
    Check employee's movement and itineraries for the desired period of time - colored tracks will be shown on the map.

  • Reports
    The system is capable of building various reports. It is possible to get analytical reports and statistics (for events, stored templates, user and object data)
    Reports regarding time spent by an employee in different areas are available.
  • Notifications
    Staff members receive notifications about important events, such as suspicious or unauthorized person, or VIP client appearance, on their PC or to the mobile app.
  • Work time tracking
    Employees work time tracking. The system starts to pay off.
  • Access permissions
    All the actions of the system users can be logged. Access permissions can be differentiated.
  • Restricted areas
    Passive surveillance in the restricted areas that helps to detect unauthorized persons.
  • Smartcard-free access
    Access of the employees to the offices or restricted areas using a face - smartcard-free access control system.
Time KYC Turnkey packages
for different types of business
  • Banks
    The use of face recognition for bank office visitors and ATM's users will make the communication with the bank friendly and secure.
  • Hotels
    Clients will appreciate individual approach and employees will work more effectively.
  • Casinos
    Detect suspicious behaviour and identify persons from the blacklist
    Detailed statistics of visitors and their behaviour
  • Schools and universities
    The most up-to-date security system based on face recognition algorithms
    Integration with fire systems
  • Airports and railway stations
    All passengers and visitors are being constantly checked in real time by comparing with the images from blacklist.
    Effective targeted marketing and lost people search.
  • Industries
    Simple contactless access control system based on face recognition algorithms
    Workplace security, employee discipline and work time tracking
  • Shopping malls
    Big data analysis about movements and preferences of visitors.
    Effective instruments that help to convert an occasional customer into a regular one.
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Face recognition
The platform solves the task to identify a person using a face image. For each image at the system's input a so called "descriptor" is calculated, which is used for comparison with other image descriptors. Face verification and identification are based on those comparison operations using one pair or multiple pairs of descriptors.
The process of face identification and matching with the biometric profile in the database.
Functional modules of the system
The system basically consists of these key subsystems: videodata processing module, web application and biometry module.

Implemented projects and technologies
  • Tochka Bank
    Tochka Bank. Implementation of the remote biometric identification system for 3,000 users of mobile app.
  • Pochta bank
    Implementation of the biometric identification system for loan application process control in 1,000 bank offices.
  • Ministry of agriculture and fishery of Astrakhan region
    Deployment and support of accounting and finance systems for more than 10,000 users.
  • Ministry of Social Development and Labor of the Astrakhan region
    Deployment and support of accounting and finance systems for more than 3,000 users.
  • Ministry of education of Astrakhan region
    Deployment and support of accounting and finance systems for more than 8,000 users.
  • VisionLabs
    Algorithms used by AstraTime for the platform of biometric monitoring are implemented in biometric identification systems of "Sberbank" and "Kaspi bank".
  • Tevian
    Algorithms used by AstraTime for the platform of biometric monitoring are implemented in the companies working in the telecommunications area.
  • Ayonix
    Fastest algorithm based on 3D face recognition.
  • 3DiVi
    Algorithm of real-time pose tracking helps to detect suspicious behaviour.
AstraTime LLC

The company was founded in 2019; the head office is located in Moscow.