Time KYC for airports and railway stations
Персональный сервис для VIP-гостей
Поиск потерявшихся лиц
Система контроля доступа по лицу
Biometrics for airports and railway stations
  • Simple contactless access control system based on face recognition algorithms

  • Workplace security, employee discipline and working time tracking
  • 1
    • Suspicious behaviour analysis (a person is hanging around and seems to be a passive observer).
    • Blacklist search (identifying by law enforcement agencies' databases)
    The system locates all employees and sends a notification only to those staff members that are close to the identified person.
    Tasks distribution helps to maintain control even if few persons that must be controlled enter the area at the same time.

    • Counting and tracking visitors and integration with fire systems.

    • Staff areas are under control: a notifications arrives if a non-authorized person enters the area.
  • 2
    Special VIP service and assistance
    Personal welcome for the clients with the special offers.
  • 3
    • Visitors' data collection and classification: sex, age group, date and time, frequency of visits, path patterns inside the shopping area, pass speed, heatmap estimation.

    • Collected data analysis and retention statistic reports: comeback frequency, sex, age group, comeback quantity; relation between the number of visits of different gender/age groups and the date (for a set period of time); relation between the quantity of comebacks and sex (for a set period of time).
  • 4
    Access control system based on face recognition algorithms
    Access to the restricted and/or staff areas. The access is provided by using face recognition technology as the primary or secondary factor. Integration with existing electronic door locks or access control systems is possible.
  • 5
    Lost people search
    Lost people search by their photo images - either late passengers or lost children. The system displays a zone where the lost person is as a set of coordinates on a facility map (accuracy up to 0,5 m depending on camera models).